Episode 7

007. The 3 mistakes keeping you from 10k/months


not in the way you think though.....being consistent in your business via content, showing up and selling is a given, that's what business owners do(!).....but are you being consistent in other things??

Consistency has a compound effect on business growth and financial success

2. Not backing themselves FULLY

The foundations of 10k, then 15k, then 25k+/months is self trust!! You could have the most insanely powerful strategy, offer, message and brand story and yet if you don't fully back yourself to create the outcome you desire......it'll show

Your energy matters.

Your frequency matters.

Successful people back themselves no matter what.

3. Focusing too much on the how rather than the SOLUTION

I'm a homeopath, energy healer, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, BWRT practitioner......and more......and all of that is my 'how'

Potential clients (and their minds) are FAR MORE interested in the SOLUTION/OUTCOME than how you're going to get them there

If you help someone heal their gut....focus on that....not on the '3 steps involving testing, nutrients and a candida friendly eating plan'

When you focus too heavily on the 'how', the mind has more reason to reject your solution as objections will appear

Get clear and own the problems/issues that your ideal soul clients have and convey the solution/outcome in a way that they understand and desire

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